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Kathy Croman    Creative Director

Raised all over the world and now settled in paradise.

I am either laughing or smiling, but hugs are my favorite!

I eat dessert every night after dinner. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure.

I love to travel, meet new people and experience new things in life.

I enjoy hiking with my love and little dog, Mana.

I have to talk to my sister daily, even if it’s to hear her breathe.

I love music, especially the one’s that make you get up and have a dance party in your kitchen.

I’m such a sensitive Sally, that I tear up at weddings. So much love  is in the air!

I have 10+ years in the wedding industry as a make-up artist and an event planner.

I will help create your fairy-tale wedding with unspoken words….

I have a fashion, luxury lifestyle blog: www.islandfeversisters.com  


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Kenji Croman | Photographer 


I was born in Hawaii and quickly discovered my passion for capturing the beauty of the world through the eye of my camera.


I‘ve have had the opportunity of traveling throughout the world and fortunate enough to live in South East Asia to focus on photography full-time. During this time, I focused on my own unique style as a photographer and artist. I was invariably moved by the people and energy of the land I visited.


My work has been featured on CNN, YAHOO, The Travel Channel, The Dailymail, Weather Channel, The Most Amazing Photos, F-Stopper, TheInertia, My Modern Met and much more. (My Press Page)


At this stage in my photography career, it isn’t just taking pictures for me anymore, it is capturing true art from the beauty of the world and people, their story from my eyes. In 2000 I returned to Hawaii inspired by the Aina (land) and the Kai (sea).


I’m also a wave photographer shooting as much as I can of the surf. I also teach a photography workshop at the University of Hawaii when I’m not doing weddings.


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